Gelotti Launches New Savory Flavors Ahead Of Montclair Grand Opening

Gelotti has created a loyal following of customers by creating innovative flavors that cause people from all over the Garden State to make a long drive to discover what everyone else is talking about.

When news of the opening of the Montclair location, on Bloomfield Ave in the New Montclair Center, broke, locals knew they were in for something spectacular. Owner Michael Guerriero, who also owns the Caldwell location, knows that Montclair residents always like to try new things. When blueberry basil and boci were introduced in Caldwell, the local insisted on a tasting spoon before ordering, in Montclair they jumped right in and ordered large cups of these exciting flavors.


With Sunday’s official Grand Opening, with an appearance by the Jersey Jackals’ “Jack The Jackal,” there was no time to waste. “I really love this part of Montclair Center and want to create flavors that reflect the locally owned businesses around Gelotti.” The first savory flavor is inspired by Nori, the Japanese Restaurant  next to Gelotti: Tuna Wasabi.

Creating the tuna base is a challenge. Sugared Sushi-Grade Tuna is allowed to rest in a bath of heavy cream for 48 hours in our refrigerator, it is then strained to remove any bits of fish. To get that classic pink color, Guerriero uses the juice from beets that were pickled in Mirin, just a little. The wasabi portion is actually the simple part, fresh wasabi is blended with fresh cream to create this icy-hot flavor sensation. The two flavors are then mixed by hand so that a little of the green wasabi stripe is can be found in every scoop.

Tuna Wasabi is available for only a limited time. Other innovative flavors being introduced in the coming weeks include inspirations from Laboratorio, Toast, and the Montclair Art Museum.

Gelotti of Montclair was a sponsor of Taste of Montclair 2016 and is a part of Montclair Restaurant Week April 9-16 2016.











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