#TasteOfMontclair Sponsor Java Love FREE #Coffee Day May 1

Celebrate Java Love’s Third Anniversary in Montclair with a free cup of coffee!

Java Love 3rd Anniversary FreeForget the Red Carpet – the most important event during the first weekend of Montclair Film Festival is the third anniversary of Java Love, Upper Montclair’s First Coffee Shop, on Bellevue Ave. The second location for Catskills based Java Love Coffee Roasting Company, the shop actually has its roots in Montclair. Owners Jodie Dawson and Kristine Petrik reside in town and are active supporters of many local activities including the schools, numerous charities, and sponsorship of Taste of Montclair. The third location of Java Love opened this Spring on Church St.

Java Love was born out of a search for a really good cup of coffee. Like so many of the great entrepreneur stories this one has the same “We couldn’t find it so we made it ourselves” conclusion. Of course the end of that story was just the beginning of the story for us.

The story Java Love Celebrates Three Years Of Coffee Love | Montclair  continues on Black Tie And Flip Flops

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