Taste Of Montclair Sponsor Java Love Presents Wine and Coffee Tasting 101

What are the tasty ties that bind our favorite morning pick-me-up and the delicious drinks we unwind with after the workday? This summer, two Montclair-based, women-owned businesses — Amanti Vino and Java Love Coffee Roasting Co. — are collaborating on two delicious, fun and illuminating classes on the interplay between wine, beer and coffee. 
JL 1Amanti Java will be taught by Amanti Vino proprietor Sharon Sevrens and staff, along with Java Love co-owner and Head Roaster Kristine-Ellis Petrik (herself a trained sommelier!) 
June 11 Buds: Wine and Coffee Tasting 101
Mouthfeel, acidity, and aromatics play crucial roles in the enjoyment of wine and coffee. In this class, students will taste 3-4 wines and coffees of like “style” as they investigate the similarities between tasting the two beverages as well as the correlations between the styles of coffee and wine people tend to enjoy symbiotically. COST: $50 pp
 A Craft Beer and Coffee Class will take place July 11. Each 2-hour class will include tasting notes, recipes, samples and fun swag.
TIME: Each class will meet from 3.00 – 5.00 pm
LOCATION: Amanti Vino, 30 Church St., Montclair, NJ
RESERVATIONS: Call 973.509.WINE or register online at www.amantivino.com
Must be 21 or over to participate
Java Love is a sponsor of Taste of Montclair. Taste of Montclair returns to the Manor on March 13 2017

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